Social Prescribers


We know that a number of factors affect our health and well-being such as loneliness, stress or money problems. Sometimes it could be the stress of managing different long-term conditions. We have teams that offer much needed support to our residents around these issues, which are not clinical, but impact on our health. Our teams have a wealth of experience, skills and knowledge.

Social prescribers seek to understand your needs and put you in touch with the people, organisations and activities that aim to help and empower you. This could include helping you to access local services, find legal advice or debt counselling. The team can support a wide range of needs.

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Camille Campbell Camille Campbell Social Prescriber Catriona McInnes Catriona McInnes Social Prescriber Natalie Parker Natalie Parker Social Prescriber Gaynor Stephenson Gaynor Stephenson Social Prescriber Emma Summerhayes Emma Summerhayes Social Prescriber Gay Palmer Gay Palmer Social Prescriber Natalie Eccleston Natalie Eccleston Social Prescriber Jenifer Ingleton Jenifer Ingleton Social Prescriber Terry-King Emmanuel Terry-King Emmanuel Social Prescriber Lamley Amoako-Atta Lamley Amoako-Atta Social Precriber Tracey Brodin Tracey Brodin Social Prescriber