About IHL


What is a GP federation?

A GP federation is a group of GP practices that work collaboratively to provide better access and quality for patients.

Who We Are

Improving Health Limited (IHL) is a GP federation uniting all 18 member GP practices within South Southwark. We provide care to c.143,000 patients across Peckham and Camberwell, Dulwich and Nunhead. View details of our member practices.

We started working together as a federation in March 2014 to give our patients equitable access to a wide range of services and to ensure the same high quality services no matter where they live or which GP practice they use.

As well as improving care for patients, we are working towards creating a more sustainable and financially viable general practice in an increasingly challenging healthcare environment.

Federated Working

All IHL member GP practices are shareholders in the organisation. Working together as IHL allows us to share best practice, pool resources and bid for contracts to deliver innovative healthcare at scale with a positive impact on population health. At the same time, each GP practice remains an independent entity. One of our early successes is our Enhanced Access Service, which offers additional GP and nurse appointments from 8 – 8, seven days a week at the Lister Health Centre.

IHL is one of two GP federations in Southwark. Quay Health Solutions (QHS) is the GP federation in the North of the borough.