Health and Wellbeing Coach Team

  • We combine applied positive psychology and coaching psychology approaches to enhance patient resilience and self-efficacy so that they can actively take control of improving their health outcomes.
  • We facilitate strengths and values-based coaching sessions that help patients reconnect with their authentic self and purpose for positive change.
  • We co-create long-term wellbeing plans with patients so that they are left with strategies and resources to maintain positive change after their coaching ends.

Group Clinics:

We are in the process of preparing group clinics aimed to support patients in building resilient mind-set and habits to self-manage their long-term conditions. 

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Rachid Choaibi Rachid Choaibi Heath and Wellbeing Coach Nicolette Bell Nicolette Bell Health and Wellbeing Coach Kamrun Haleem Kamrun Haleem Health and Wellbeing Coach Lucia Lodererova Lucia Lodererova Health and Wellbeing Coach