Our Directors

Dr Saadi Doha

Dr Saadi Doha

I am a GP partner at Lordship Lane surgery since 2013 and I am passionate about delivering high quality primary care services to our local residents.

I grew up in Dulwich before moving to Sheffield to start my medical training. As a student, my favourite attachments were in primary care and I spent time in surgeries in Derbyshire Peaks, Hillsborough and Doncaster. I completed my general practice vocational training in Southampton and Salisbury. As a GP in Southwark, I became involved in the Emerging Leaders Programme which helped me to develop skills to become a local leader for primary care.

My career as a GP is still in the relatively young phase but I was keen to get involved at a local level as it is clear that primary care is in a time of great flux. I became involved with IHL in late 2015 as their vision and mission really resonated with me – I wanted to be involved in supporting practices to be more collaborative and work together. I am proud of what we have achieved so far and I am excited about continuing to try innovative approaches to help support our local practices.

Image of Edward Drake

Edward Drake

Edward has worked as a Practice Manager in South Southwark since 2015. He is passionate about sustaining primary care services for our community that combine the best of the traditional 'family doctor' model with modern technology and multi-disciplinary teams.


Samantha Hodge

Having grown up in South Southwark and worked in a local GP practice for the last 28 years, I have been lucky to have seen the development of services locally. This includes the mobilisation of the federation and the forming of the Primary Care Networks.

I joined the board of directors in Aug 2023 and feel privileged to now be part of a group with the ability to further enhance those developments and ensure local needs are met and future services are relevant and reflective of our ever changing population.