Covid-19 Support and Management

Resources for Practices

Seeing patients with suspected Covid-19 in General Practice: lessons learned and important considerations

We have developed guidance for practices to support them in managing patients with suspected Covid-19.  This document has been created to try to impart some of the knowledge and insight gained by clinical and management leads involved in establishing and working at the Southwark Community Covid19 Management Service (CCMS) which operated from April to June.

We have included a brief list of useful resources at the end of the document and referenced where relevant throughout.  And below are additional documents and links.

We hope you will find this useful for practices and would welcome any feedback

How our Community Covid19 management service operated (which may help you  in planning how you  will see suspected Covid19 cases  in your own practice)

A playlist of useful videos to aid clinicians in remote consultation skills

Videos  that can be shared with patients to let them know that GP practices are open and providing important services such as immunisations

Videos on donning and doffing PPE

Additional resources